iTunes help?


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Oct 19, 2002
Hey Guys-
This is officially my second post from a macintosh, and I love it! I did make one small mistake. I opened iTunes before I loaded my music onto the computer. It did a search for music then, and obiviously found nothing. How do I get it to do a search now that I have all the music saved on my hard drive? Thanks a lot


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Apr 20, 2002
Los Angeles
You don't need to do a search really -- if you know where your files are on your hard drive.

Open iTunes

Open you hard drive and find the folder(s) where you stored your music files.

Click on the folder to reveal the set of music files

Highlight these music files (Apple key and A)

Then drag these music files onto the iTunes interface (or the iTunes library folder in the same column where you crate and edit your playlists)


Your are done!

Hope this helped!



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Nov 4, 2002
You can point iTunes to your music after the initial hard drive search by selecting File: Add to Library.

This will open a hard drive search window that you can use to select your music files. If you have all you music in your Music directory, you can select that directory and iTunes will sort it out for you.