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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by redboard, Feb 11, 2009.

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    ok, after rebuilding my itunes library for the 4th time i've grown a little tired of this and would rather find a solution to the problem. If there is one, i havent found it yet. I have 2 ipods and want to put different music on them. Well i looked on apples site and found a way to open a separate itunes library without changing users. Exactly what i want to do. Well i hold the "option" key and open itunes. I open a completely different itunes with no music in it. Thats cool, i'll move all my music into it and decide what i want on the seperate ipod. Problem. after doing this my other(old) itunes library is never to be seen again. All my music is still on my mac but its saved in different places on my computer since i download from itunes, amazon mp3, garageband, upload music from cds, and pulled music from my old computer. All my playlists i had are gone as well. I searched my computer for "Itunes Library" and found some. I open them and they're all blank. No playlists, no music. And my other itunes library i just made? gone too after i quit itunes and try to switch to another one. Please, anyone if you have a solution let me know. I'm tired of re-organizing my itunes.
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    I would be sure that the option for moving songs is not checked. It could be that when you make your new library itunes is moving all your songs from the old location to the new...thus making your old library useless.

    If it were me, I'd just have one library, and make a playlist for each iPod that gets synced...instead of doing a general sync by what's in the library.

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