iTunes imported songs twice

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by joetronic, May 13, 2005.

  1. joetronic macrumors 6502

    Dec 9, 2004
    New Oxford, PA
    I imported a album and it put the songs in twice. Is there anyway to remove the extras automatically or do I have to do it manually? here is a image of what I'm talking about.

  2. Lacero macrumors 604


    Jan 20, 2005
    Use the Show Duplicate Songs command in the Edit menu. But I believe you have to do it manually.
  3. mad jew Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    Apr 3, 2004
    Adelaide, Australia

    Then maybe sort by genre. It looks like only half of them (the ones shown at least) have a genre so it should be pretty easy to, as Lacero says, show duplicate songs and then sort by genre, select all the ones without a genre and delete. :D

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