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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iriejedi, May 8, 2005.

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    I was trying to play with the new dual user features and I wanted to know if both iTunes and iPhoto can share the same master file between two users on same computer.

    So that when user 'A' buys a song and user 'B' loads iTunes the new song is there without the need to 'share'. I know in that both apps share on a network but since this is a single there a 'need' t share

    For example with iPhoto if logged in as user 'B' I can see User A's library even but each time it has to go through the 'act' of importing/downloading them as if it was from a remote site - very tedious with nearly 5000 photos.

    So my question is can these applications be booted up and the system ignor who is logged in and treat both user A and user B as a single computer (which they are) instead as unique users modeling a remote network set up (ie two computers) :confused: .

    I hope this makes sense.


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    These questions interest me as well. This is definetly an area that OSX needs some simplier user interface to manage multiple accounts on the same machine.
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    Here 1 of the answers

    Had the same question regarding iTunes and this thread has answers: newbie question: multiple users on my iMac

    I just started fiddling w/ iPhoto today and now have the same question regarding sharing libraries between muliple users on the same computer...

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