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    I was wondering is there anyway to look at your music that is on the connect iPod in coverflow to see what album art is missing? I know that you can have it find the album art but sometime it cant always find everything.
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    May 1, 2008
    open itunes, and look at the top right corner, it should say "view" and have 3 buttons.

    Just to the right of the now playing thing at the top.

    1. List view (has 4 horizontal lines)
    2. Album View (has little squares, with horizontal lines next to them)
    3. Coverflow view (large square with verticle lines on either side.)

    Coverflow is the one you want. It will show you all the album covers for each song. If there is missing artwork, select "Advanced>get artwork"

    If that fails, then:

    -at the bottom of the left hand side-bar in iTunes, you'll see 4 buttons

    Plus sign - creates playlist
    2 overlapping arrows - shuffles songs
    2 rotating arrows - loops playlists
    little square with arrow facing Up - Opens a small window

    Open the window, and it should say "drag album artwork here" - simply find it on google, save it, and drag it in the window.

    If the little window does not say "drag album artwork here", click the small arrow in bar above the tiny window, and it should say it.

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