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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by VictoryHighway, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I've recently been having a problem with syncing music to my iPod Touch (running iOS 5.0.1) with iTunes 10.5.3. My Mac is running Lion 10.7.3. My problem is that iTunes is not re-syncing my music to my iPod when the file changes on my computer. Say for example that I change the metadata (adding a new cover art or something like that). In this case, the copy on the iPod does not get updated with the latest changes on the Mac. In order to get it to re-sync, I have to remove the updated music files from my iPod and re-add it. I am not using the "manually manage music" feature, but am using regular syncing (using a series of master playlists that I manually update to choose what content to load onto the iPod as I manage multiple iPods from one master iTunes library). Has anyone run into anything like this before? If so, what is the fix (if there is one)?

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    Syncing iPod Touch

    I had a similar issue. I would create a new or modify an existing playlist, sync with my iPod Touch (4th gen) and ten discover that on the iPod, some songs would be missing or the tracks would be in a different order that I created in the playlist. This happened many times, with many playlists.
    Over the weekend, I decided to Restore the iTouch to the original config and in the process iOS 5.1 was loaded onto it. Either the restore or the 5.1 version fixed my problem.
    Maybe that will work for you as well.


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