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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Tech198, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Hi all...

    iTunes is sooo dam limited...

    Is there anyway to do the following :-

    1. Create a folder in your iTunes Library ?
    While you can assign Genres to video content and that Genre(s) will appear in your shared devices (eg Apple TV) as folders, you cannot create empty folders.

    For example :- Folder named "Stuff" >>>> title.mp4

    You can assign .mp4 to Genre which only THEN appears as a folder, but create an empty folder "per say", and have any file.

    2- While you can create "Playlist" this won't help me, as only video, no audio. But this would show up in a different section anyway, It needs to be in the same section to work.

    3. Basically the idea is i want the following:-

    (Person1) folder, sub-folder >>>>>> .mp4 file
    (person2) folder, sub-folder >>>>>> .mp4 file

    I would say want change the sub-folders at will as what normally would happen with files, but i want the main folder to stay the same...

    This way my and my parents will know their own folder for itunes sharing in one library, since its not possible to share multiple due to itunes limitation.

    This the is only way i can think of otherwise we'll have a long list of mixes up video content ....
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    Why don't you just tag it so that iTunes puts it where you want it to be?

    iTunes knows nothing of the Folder structure and the other devices accessing the shared iTunes library see the tags not the filenames.

    TV Shows in particular have plenty of tags you could leverage to accomplish something like this.

    Have a TV Show called "Dad's Videos" and another one called "Mom's Videos"....

    Or maybe I'm not understanding the problem.

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    Mar 21, 2011
    Australia, Perth
    ok... i didn't try tags, as i didn't know how do do that... bt i think i found out my own solution :

    Basically, I want me and my parents 2 iTunes libraries separate from each other, but the limitation is Apple only shows one iTunes Library at a time, thus, only sharing one at a time.

    So,,, the solution is to set my parents up with her own Apple ID, providing Home sharing can be used on any Apple account.

    Since Home sharing needs iTunes, we won't use two physical computers, but 1 Mac mini, running another Mavericks inside a VM..

    Thus, two itunes running Home sharing, each connected to their own separate libraries... and if all goes well, she should only see hers.

    Also, much easier for me too, since i can remote into the Mac mini, and manage both the host and running guest with her iTunes connected.

    Any problems with this ?

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