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Jun 1, 2014
So I plugged my ipad retina into my MBPr and it asked if I wanted to update the OS on my ipad retina to the latest OS. I chose yes and then it restarts my ipad in recovery mode asking me to connect it to my comp. However it crashes Itunes everytime and I can no longer update my ipad retina it's just stuck in recovery mode the entire time.

Anybody got any ideas?


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Aug 24, 2014
Don't sync your iPad with iTunes 12!!!!


I have been on the Beta for the last month and till the update to iTunes 12 yesterday all was fine. But now there is no way I can have iTunes 12 running while my iPad is connected - instant crashes - repentantly.
Tried moving old settings / complete re-install of 10.10 - no effect. Seeing more and more users having that problem - I can only hope for quick fix and advise not to install and run iTunes 12 if you wish to still sync with your iPad.
If you don't need the sync - iTunes 12 isn't to bad...



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Jun 25, 2011
I'm also having the same issue, I was attempting to restore my iPad Air with iOS 8 GM. iTunes crashes upon plugging in iPad in restore mode.

Everything is up-to-date software wise and my hardware specs are in my signature.

Any help would be truly appreciated.


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May 15, 2014
Just download and install Xcode 6 beta for Yosemite and the crashes on iTunes 12 will get fixed.
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