iTunes keeps trying to download junk I deleted

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by puma1552, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I'm not sure why, buy every so often I get prompted to upgrade some songs to iTunes Plus for $0.30 a track; songs that were originally purchased well after iTunes switched to 256kbps for everything anyway. Not sure why that is, because everything in my library already should be 256kbps since I did the massive upgrade when it was first available.

    That aside though...

    In the last batch I accidentally hit buy all, not realizing it also included 9 music videos I once had but deleted long ago when I decided to make my iPods for music only. So when I saw them downloading, I just stopped them and deleted them, problem solved--or so I thought. Now everytime the iTunes terms and conditions change, or iTunes updates, or whatever, it automatically starts downloading these videos again and each time I have to delete them again.

    How do I get rid of them for good? Yes I paid for them once upon a time but I really truly don't care anymore and don't want them.
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    In the past few years there were two types of iTunes plus upgrades: the first upgrade bumped up the bitrate of music and audio in music videos to 256 kbps and the second removed copy protection. Even if you upgraded once or purchased after the switch to 256 kbps you may still have files with copy protection.

    As for the persistent music video downloads, you purchased the upgrade to them when you clicked upgrade all, so stopping the download won't stop you from being charged for them. By interrupting their download iTunes considers these files outstanding, unsuccessful downloads and will periodically try re-downloading them. The only way to stop this is to let them successfully download.
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    Ah ok, so if I just let them download and then delete them they will be gone for good (assuming this download covers both 256kbps and copyright protection)?

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