itunes library all on one drive or split on drives for each media type?

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    May 12, 2010
    I was reading the ipod thread about the largest itunes library, & some had screen shots showing all their content; music, tv shows, book etc.

    they seem to have different media types all in one itunes library on a single external hard drive.

    Right now my itunes consists of music only, so I have my itunes on an external hard drive called music.

    I had planned that if I got any video or tv shows from itunes, that I would have a seprate library & external hard drive for this.

    I realize that it might be better to have a single itunes library for all my media types on a single big external hard drive.

    If I go the all in one itunes library route,

    for music, I have all my music ripped in flac & in mp3 that I converted from flac with other software in mp3 on my music drive, & i then load them into itunes.

    if I move my current itunes library containing music only from my music external hard drive now to a new external hard drive for an all media type itunes library, do i have to have those mp3 albums that i ripped on the same drive along with my itunes library? or can i leave those on the old music drive?

    how do I move an itunes library to another new hard drive without having to start from scratch & reloading all my albums?
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