iTunes library disappears after getting Apple Music


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Jun 3, 2009

I recently purchased Apple Music (yesterday) and now my iTunes library on my computer (on the Music app) has disappeared completely

Previously my entire iTunes library on my computer has been accessible by being able to play songs I have purchased (albeit not downloaded) on my computer. Today, however, I opened the Music app and found all my songs grayed out and unable to be played or downloaded. A quick google search suggested that I enable "Sync Library" (Music --> Preferences --> Sync Library). When I did that, all my purchased songs have disappeared. Now I can't access any of my purchased content on my computer. I enabled the same setting on my phone (I also don't download my music there, I just have access to all my purchased music and stream it) and it said "Syncing Library" and when it finished nothing happened. I can still access my purchased music through streaming it on my phone.

Is this supposed to be a "perk" of Apple Music? Am I now forced to listen to everything through there and not able to access my previously purchased music Library and stream it? I just want the ability to stream my purchased music through the music app again.

Any help is appreciated