iTunes library gone!!! How to fix?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by atoothelex, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Mar 13, 2008
    My library was removed but was brought back by importing the .xml document. Two problems: One: all my tv shows and music videos are in the movie section. I have over 800 tv shows and music vids, is there a way to edit video type in mass form? two: some of my album artwork is randomly missing. iTunes refuses to retrieve any. HELP!!!!!!!
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    Here's an article on restoring your library. Towards the bottom of the page, there are steps on import and convert functions.

    Apple Discussion Forums are also a good place to search.
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    Apr 15, 2010
    On my PC this is how I fixed it....

    When I went to the location of my Library file I noticed that the main library file was very small. Just a few KB in size. There was also another file named "I Tunes Library" and I noticed that this file was large. This file was an XML file though and opened in safari not Itunes when i clicked on it.

    I did some research here
    and found that there are two types of library files...

    Then I just went to files/import playlist and selected the XML file.

    It restored all of my songs, podcasts and graphics but I needed to re sync my ipod which was a pain...

    In my case i think this was caused by the fact that my music folder is located on an external hard drive. I had changed a couple of the usb plugs around and when i turned on my computer the letter name (like C: D:... etc...) of my external drive had changed... I don't know if thats what always happens... but I think it's what happened to me.

    My music folder was probably temporarily set back to the default or something causing Itunes to think it was a fresh install (or something)... Anyway.. let me know if this helps...

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    Oct 6, 2010
    Same Problem

    Hi All,

    Just joined to let you know that i was forever having the same problem and having to keep backing up my library files whenever i change some i.e. add an album.

    Anyway, i finally got fed up with having to manually do that, so i have written a windows batch script to semi-automate the backup and have decided to share (aint i king :)).

    Here are the steps:-

    1. Create a new text file and paste in the following script.

    @echo off

    set saveto=C:\Users\Rob\Desktop\itunes_backup\
    set diritunes=C:\Users\Rob\Music\iTunes\
    set file1=iTunes Library.itl
    set file2=iTunes Library Extras.itdb
    set file3=iTunes Library Genius.itdb

    rem date vals
    set Day=%Date:~0,2%
    set Mth=%Date:~3,2%
    set Yr=%Date:~6,4%
    set folder=%Day%-%Mth%-%Yr%

    rem backup location
    set dirbackup=%saveto%%folder%\

    if not exist %dirbackup%NUL goto createdir
    goto checkitunes

    echo Creating backup directory %dirbackup%.
    md %dirbackup%
    if not exist %dirbackup%NUL goto failed
    goto startup

    echo Failed to create %dirbackup%, quiting.
    goto finished

    echo Backing up iTunes data in %dirbackup%.
    echo Copying %file1%...
    copy "%diritunes%%file1%" "%dirbackup%"
    echo Copying %file2%...
    copy "%diritunes%%file2%" "%dirbackup%"
    echo Copying %file3%...
    copy "%diritunes%%file3%" "%dirbackup%"
    echo done.
    goto finished


    2. Modify the first two lines begining with 'set' so that the first is the location to which you want to save your backups to and the second being the location of the three files listed in the next three lines. *DONT FORGET TO ADD THE BACKSLASH* on each of the paths.

    3. Save the file and rename so it has a ".bat" extension, then run. This should create the folder you specified with a subfolder of the current date and in this folder you should find your library files :)


    Also, if your seeing tons of .tmp files in your itunes music folder which never get removed add these next two lines just before the "echo done" line to remove the tmp files.

    echo Removing iTunes tmp Files...
    del /Q "%diritunes%*.tmp"

    Hope someone finds this useful.


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