iTunes Library: How large is yours?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by opinio, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Mar 23, 2013
    How large is your iTunes library? I am referring more to size of the library in GB/TB (and also media file numbers secondly)

    I have 9000 media files and the size is 1.8TB. Most of the files are movies/TV shows so I have a reasonable amount of files, but certainly not as many as someone obsessed with music who may have tens of thousands of music files.

    I am wondering (relatively speaking) where that sits with others. I.e. where I sit on the 'iTunes geek spectrum'.

    More importantly I am wondering if anyone at the large end of the spectrum (mega-geek) has any issues with lag/crashing etc of iTunes. Does it really matter what size the library is if most of the media files are simply sitting there in storage? It is not as if iTunes needs to load or configure the media files up each time it starts. I am mainly interested because I am heading for 2TB and beyond and am wondering if I need to try and 'archive' some of the media files to keep the library size down.
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    There have beeen other threads here talking about iTunes library sizes with the one you really want to look at being Largest iTunes library.

    The number of items in the iTunes library is what affects iTunes performance. It doesn't matter if the average file size is a few MBs (mostly music) or a GB+ (TV episodes/movies. 9,0000 items is not that many for iTunes to handle, don't worry about it.

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