iTunes library lost since update


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Jun 10, 2013
Since I installed the latest update to iTunes (11.0.4), iTunes seems to have 'lost' my library of music, and playlists. After installing the update, there is one single album in my library (there should be several days worth of music there).

When I select 'show music in the cloud' I can see my iTunes purchases, and these are available for download. However, all my music is still in place on my mac, it's just not appearing in iTunes.

I take it that this means that my 'library' file has become damaged? I have Time Machine backups for my system, so my question is; which file should I restore, in order to get my library and playlists back, without having to manually import all my music?

I'm using OS X 10.6.8.

Many thanks in advance.



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Aug 8, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Does anyone have any alternatives for iTunes that work on a Mac? I tried the above solution from Apple but my iTunes library is still not correct since the previous version is from 2011.