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    Hi everyone- I have researched for days, both on the forum and using the google and have seen quite a few answers, obviously, around different situations, but I have not run across my exact situation yet and would like some advice since my rMPB will be fresh out of the box and I want to set it up correctly the first time.

    I have a 175GB iTunes library that is backed up (copied) to an external hard drive via time machine nightly from my current desktop iMac. I want to keep my existing library on the iMac intact so I can continue to add to it (it has my cd/dvd burner) as my music/movie collection grows.

    At the same time, After I receive my new laptop (256 ssd space), I would like to use 100GB of existing library saved on my backup hard drive to create my new library on my new rMPB. I would then like to be able to add to my new library in the future as I burn music/movie from my iMac and transfer the new stuff over, as well as being able to delete music/movie off the ssd to keep the amount of space I want.

    Is this possible and easy do to? I’ve never worried about drive space before, but now with the SSD, it becomes a space management issue. Thanks to anyone who can give me guidance on new set up. I've looked into consolidating the library per apple instrcutions, but I dont want to move a copy of the whole library over.

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    This was so much easier then I ever imagined. I can't belive I even posted on this. So easy. I literally psyched myself out reading too many boards. Drag and Drop files from external to itunes on the new computer is a cinch. Easy peasy.

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