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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mac1984user, Sep 9, 2015.

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    So, this question is not about iTunes Match or Apple Music. What I'm curious about is the Dropbox-like functionality of iCloud Drive. Basically, I'm tired of syncing my iTunes libraries on two different computers (I use an app called SuperSync currently). What I'd like to do is to store my entire music library on iCloud Drive. In theory, if I directed both iTunes apps on each Mac to the library on iCloud Drive (option-click the dock icon), I would essentially be sharing the same library between two Macs (or more) without having to pay for iTunes Match in addition to my iCloud Drive allowance. I could then use CarbonCopyCloner to make regular backups of that single library to an external drive.

    First question: Is this possible (i.e. can you foresee any issues with this setup)? Second question: I don't often use the two Macs in tandem, but one iTunes library remains permanently on. If I were to add music to my MacBook library, would that cause a problem for the Mac Mini's library, or would it simply be a matter of re-syncing the library by restarting the iTunes application?
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    I have noticed issues with Pages documents stored in iCloud. When I have left it open on my iMac and then when I am working on it with my MBAir there is where I run into problems.
    I would be too anxious to risk my iTunes library by storing it in iCloud.

    That said, I also have iTunes Match and have all of my music (original library) on my iMac. My MBAir only really has access to it through iTunes Match and I will download some music I listen to a lot if I plan to be without internet access. But really I stopped keeping a full duplicated offline copy ages ago.

    iTunes Match works out pretty well for my needs and I know that sync issues aren't going to mess anything up - peace of mind there.

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