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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MacBoobsPro, Jun 27, 2009.

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    I know this is covered quite well both here and over at Apple discussions but I just cannot get this damn thing to work. I've been at it since 9am and it is now nearly 1pm.

    I spent 10 hours yesterday copying my iTunes Library over to my Time Capsule and planned to finish the job this morning by telling iTunes where to find the new library etc.

    Everything is in the right place and I've followed instructions from various threads from various locations but when I log out, log back in and attempt to open iTunes it can't find the library.

    Can some one list the 'correct' steps I need to take to get this thing to work. Even Apple's instructions don't work but they only refer to a HD not a network drive.

    So far I transfered the entire iTunes folder to the TC and told iTunes where it is. Then I read I only need to copy the iTunes Music folder (not the entire iTunes folder). Either way I still get the same 'wheres the library?' problem. I also read I need to place an alias in the iTunes Music folder on my mac that points to the actual ITM folder on the TC. Still doesnt work.

    I keep swapping the extra bits and pieces alongside the ITM folder i.e. all the xml files and artwork folders between the mac and the TC but the problem still remains wherever these reside and each 'swap' takes nearly 15 minutes.

    Please help I am pulling my freakin' hair out!

    EDIT: I am also attempting to set this up so I can access the library on the TC from 2 accounts on the same Mac. Not sure if that will make a difference to settings just yet?
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    Well I can suggest two steps. Both will involve the System preferences and using Login items under the Accounts preference pane. One, if you are using your time capsule for a time machine backup, simply open up time machine from the applications folder or your dock so it mounts the time capsule hard drive. Once this is done, you can drag the hard drive that shows up on your desktop to the login items in your system preferences account preference pane. Thus every time you login to your account it will automatically mount your time capsule drive that has the backup and the iTunes folder so that iTunes can find it's library files. Two, if you aren't using your drive for Time Machine, simply get to the point where it shows up on your desktop and repeat the dragging steps I mentioned before. I am not going to go through allowing multiple accounts yet. Let me know if this works first and I will reply with the other steps later tonight.

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