iTunes library problem; songs missing, duplication worry

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by piatti, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Jun 9, 2010
    I have a iTunes library, I have been using iTunes library in the external drive as well as internal. Things got messed up and now when I try to play some songs it says it is not available and asks me if I would like the locate the file, but that is too cumbersome to do (it should locate the file by itself! Is there such a function?)

    I know the files it says are missing are actually still in the internal drive because when I imported the library to another iTunes in another user, it contained all those music files that the other iTunes said was missing.

    Problem is, the iTunes have a bunch of playlists that took a long time to formulate so I would like to somehow export the playlists without duplicating the song files itself unnecessarily. And then wipe off the iTunes and start from scratch and import the iTunes library and import the playlists without duplication. How do I do this?

    BTW when you import a library to iTunes file, are you duplicating that file to the detriment of your HDD storage space?
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    Apr 6, 2012
    Messy Itunes

    I am in exactly the same situation. Caused by Apple Genius in store - he said I should move everything to a wireless external drive, which I did, but it didnt work quick enough then I realised I could change to a bigger internal HD but somehow moving everything back it all got really messed up. Complicated by the fact that I wanted to delete quite a lot of unwanted to music loaded by someone else, so my library in total is 90GB. Now I have 2 or 3 libraries, can't remember what is which, loads of missing and duplicated files. And lots of playlists in the older library (which I have been using the past few months) which I want to keep. There is a lot of trouble getting album art back too, due to metadata being messed up apparently. No genius in the mac store can spare enough time to even give me a strategy on this, and I dont trust them anyway.

    In short, I want to:

    a) start a whole new clean library and pick and choose from the music in the music folders (and other media folders) and plonk it in the new libary, with all the correct associated metadata.
    b) import the music I want from several different Itunes Music folders. (can I add these together using the Finder??)
    c) work out what's duplicated and missing IN BULK ? Ie, sort by exclamation mark so I can add these missing songs to a playlist and keep a record of what's missing? It doesn't let me see what's missing unless I happen to click on it! So annoying...
    d) I search for an album, I know it's on my hd, just not in the correct itunes music folder. But when I locate it in Finder and try dragging it into Itunes nothing happens, nor does anything happen when I go File/Add to LIbrary / and choose the files - why is this??? How can I add it and begin to amalgamate the library to have what I want in it??
    e) keep playlists and be able to keep all my apps and downloads from my on Apple ID
    f) make most efficient use of space on my HD (ie nothing to double up)

    This has become a nightmare, I am giving birth in 10 days and I wanted to sort it out before then.

    Please help!

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