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    Hi all

    I have 2 ATV's and a Mac mini severing all our media. I think i may know the only answer since its all tired to iTunes, but is it possible to share separate libraries between the two ATV's ?

    Basically, one person sees their own library, and i see my own library *only* on Apple TV's

    we do not see each others..

    However, seeing as when i hold down option when launching iTunes, and selecting the relevant library, this suggests its not possible, since you only see one library in iTunes at a time.

    However, i think the workaround would just be to stick everything, including the other folder (containing my own library) into the original iTunes Media folder.

    Thus, you only see one library, and manage in iTunes, but on Apple TV, people see two folders, and they just go into their relevant folder to see their collection..

    I think that's the only way i can see anyway...

    Any other suggestions ? i don't want to install Plex, or try not to.
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    The AppleTV sadly does not interact with a iTunes library in the way we all wish it would. Needless to say, I think the best way to deal with your current situation would be to create two different iTunes libraries on separate Mac's and then have each ATV load the intended library for its location.

    In my situation, I have a MacBook Pro with a iTunes library as well as a iMac with another iTunes library. Out of our three ATV's, one of them is tied to the MacBook Pro's library for the kidos while the other two stream from the iMac.

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