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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by mrjosh, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Hi all,
    I have done a bunch of reading, but I cannot seem to find a clear cut answer. my mac mini acting as a headless iTunes server. Movies are working well. My question is how to best move/sync iTunes library between my laptop and mac mini server (which we access via apple TV). I am not asking about how to sync devices such as an iphone.

    I want to move (export maybe?) my library and audio files to the mac mini while having access to the library on my laptop (we have Match but not Apple Music). Also, if someone adds a song from the laptop, I would like it to be added and show in the master library automatically. I know I can do this with purchases, but if we were to add a cd via the laptop, I would like all songs to be added to the main library. Make sense?

    Seems like it should be easy, but so far it is not. Is homesharing the answer? I am trying to keep things as simple as possible for my spouse. We only use one apple ID, so that is not an issue.

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    When you say "sync" - where do you want the data in 1 place or more than one?

    You could just copy the files over to the mac mini and then drop them back into iTunes library locally.
    You could just get a NAS device and move all files to that and point the iTunes at that - you can run it from multiple places.

    Maybe if i say how i do it, that will give you an idea.
    I have multiple devices, most listed in the sig.. i have now got rid of the mini (well its turned off and is in its box unused) and I'm using a windows PC as my iTunes server (simply runs better than the mini ever did), all i have there is the iTunes executables, no library files. I then have a folder on my NAS drive called media, in that i have two more folders, one videos and one for music. I add those folders as libraries into iTunes and then enable home share. That allows my 5 ATVs to connect to the iTunes server running on windows and all the data is served from the NAS drive.

    It's very simple, both my children (5 and 8) can use an operate their ATVs in their bedrooms based on the content control (age) and play either videos or music as they want as well as anything sat in or on our iCloud library like other movies or photos. They can also look/use the stuff via their iPads too.

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