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Aug 21, 2005
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hey there people.
i was wondering whether it would be sensible to convert all my music to .mp3 instead of .aac. i think im right in saying that if i did that i would save some space on my library. its just i ran out of space on my 20Gb ipod. what would be the easiest way to convert all of my library and deleate all the .aac copies. would automator be of any help to me here? ive never had a use for it or even used it. any reasons why i shouldnt convert all my songs to .mp3?
thanks in advance


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Mar 13, 2004
I'm confused, how would it save space?

Lowering the bit rate of the songs would be the only method of freeing drive space. Converting your music from aac to mp3, while keeping the bit rate the same, will only leave you with lesser quality music. If anything, I would recommend converting from whatever bit rate of aac that you currently use, to a lesser bit rate but staying with aac compression.


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Jun 23, 2003
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Bitrate is always the same. A 128kbps MP3 takes up the same space as a 128kbps AAC file, because they use the same number of bits per second. So no, you wouldn't save any space, and your music would sound worse, since you're lossily encoding an already lossy format. You just start needing to be more choosy about what you put on your iPod.