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Jan 11, 2019
Hi, I'm new to the forum, so please excuse what you might consider to be dumb questions.
I have an old iPhone 3 with 1500 songs. I wanted to transfer these to a MacBook Pro mid 2015. It is only possible to back up manually. I have selected "Manually manage music and videos" and then synced but my library has still not appeared on the MacBook and has also disappeared from the iPhone.
a. How can I restore the library on the iPhone? - I use it as a iPod when travelling.
b. How do I transfer to the MacBook?
c. How do I then get it onto a new iPad 6th. generation?

Thank you in advance for any help.



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Oct 24, 2015
I think you may be scuppered... When you connected the phone to the MacBook Pro and synced, the music library on the MacBook would have overwritten the music library on the phone (and hence why the phone now has no music).

I don't believe iTune has the ability (on purpose) to transfer a music library from a phone to a computer, i.e. a you can have a music library on a computer and sync it to a phone (replacing whatever music is on the phone with the computer music library), but you can't (at least, using iTunes) transfer a music library on a phone back to a computer with which it has never been previously synced.

I've never used iMazing as suggested above, but if I'm correct and you have now overwritten your phone music library, I don't think there is anything left on your phone to salvage!


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Apr 13, 2011
You might be able to root your phone, and access its file system.
Don't know if the rooting software goes back to your version of iOS.
It's worth a check. I don't think you need worry about voiding any warranties at this late date.
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