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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by iBrody, Feb 2, 2013.

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    To ensure that iTunes LP downloads play flawlessly via iTunes on my mac, I have noticed that you cannot mess around with the 'Get Info' track and disc metadata, otherwise the menu buttons on the LP don't work (kind of defeats the reason to pay extra if you cannot use the glossy DVD style menu for content interaction).

    As default, the virtual disc on the iTunes LP that contains the video content isn't labeled as disc 3/3 but just disc 3/_ so when syncing the content to any IOS device, the video tracks play straight after the regular tracks on the device, which is really annoying, i.e.

    1. Track 1 - Music (1/3)
    1. Track 1 - Video (3/_)
    2. Track 2 - Music (1/3)
    2. Track 2 - Video (3/_)

    The content is displayed correctly within iTunes though, it's just the IOS devices that will not display the content in order.

    The only way I can get round this to ensure that IOS devices play the tracks in the correct order is to change the metadata in iTunes, sync the device, then go back to iTunes whilst the device is still plugged in and tick the option to manually add music before unplugging the device.

    Within iTunes I then have to delete the iTunes LP and go back to the Store and re-download the iTunes LP so that it appears back on iTunes in a playable format as Apple intended.

    Is this the only workaround or is there a more simple approach?

    It is even more frustrating when I want to listen to an iTunes LP album via ATV (either streamed or via Match), as there is no workaround to get the videos to play as disc 3 except to mirror an IOS device (that I have already used the above workaround for).

    Surely this needs to be addressed by Apple.

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