iTunes - Managing My Video Files


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Apr 25, 2005

I have over 350GB of movies and TV shows in h.264 format on an external USB drive. They are all managed by iTunes. I have not allowed iTunes to copy files to the iTunes Music folder when I have added these movie files.

My exteral drive is now full. I am thinking of purchasing another external HDD. I think I want all TV shows to go on this new drive and keep all movies (existing and still to be added) to the old drive. How do I achieve this? If I simply copy the TV shows that are on the old drive to the new one with iTunes running and then delete the files off the old drive, will iTunes realise that the shows are now on the new drive or will I have to manually add everything again? Also, is album artwork for the movies and episode numbers, etc, preserved?




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Aug 10, 2007
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Once you get your new drive, change your settings in iTunes to make this the default location for the iTunes Music Folder. Then tick the box - copy files to the iTunes Music folder when adding to library.
This should leave all of your original content unchanged, but will automatically copy any new content to the new drive when you next import something.

You can actually test this first, by trying the technique with a different folder on your hard drive.