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May 1, 2009
What happens if you try to add songs to your library after you have matched and uploaded to your 25k limit? Will iTunes simply not add the remainder to the library, will it turn Match off, or will it get you over the 25k limit ignoring the extras? I know you can't activate iTunes Match if your library is over 25k songs, but what if it inflates after?

I haven't finished yet with my uploading so I can't test it but if someone else knows the answer, sure would be appreciated.


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Dec 16, 2008
London, UK
Any tracks purchased from iTunes are not included in the 25,000 tracks, but I'd like to know this too, I wonder if you can cheat and have a 24,000 library - set up itunes match and once done, add the remainder.

You know it's not going to match your AC/DC or Frank Zappa right?
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