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    I'm hoping someone can help me with this as Apple has been no help. I subscribed to itunes match a couple of months ago to use with my imac, 64 gb iphone 4s, and apple tv. Over time due to itunes match, my iphone has filled up to near capacity. Yesterday I did some research and came across a few suggestions that the easiest way to manage the music content on my iphone would be to turn off itunes match on my iphone and imac, then manually sync only the music I wanted on to my iphone from itunes, then turn itunes match back on. This seemed easier and quicker than manually deleting song by song, album by album, or artist by artist in my iphone to make room.

    Well, I did this, it worked great, up until the point where I tried to turn itunes match back on in itunes. At which point I got a message that says:

    "This computer is already associated with an Apple ID. You can use iTunes Match on this computer with just one Apple ID every 90 days. You cannot associate this computer with a different Apple ID for 21 days"

    I did not use another apple ID at any point, I never even logged out of itunes. I simply turned of itunes match for no more than an hour and turned it back on.

    I called apple, got transferred at least three times, each rep maintained that I had done something wrong, that it was my fault, that I messed up by trying to use two different apple id's (I didn't), that someone else must have basically snuck into the house while I was in the bathroom tried to use a different apple id and left before I came back out, etc, etc. All my fault, I screwed up, etc, etc. I kept asking where it says you must never sign out of itunes match or your forfeit use of the service? I also asked if it is apple's desire that no one ever lets someone else sign into itunes on another account and make purchases or your forfeit you itunes match service. What kind of business model is that?

    Anyways, the most I ever got out of them is that I screwed up in some undetermined way, and therefore I am screwed.

    First bad apple experience for me, very dissapointed. Won't/can't refund my money, won't/can't reset the 90 days, go pound sand. Richest company on the planet, and giving the customer the finger over a $25 service that clearly has some sort of server/software issue.
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    I tried Apple Express Lane online support. Submitted a claim, was told they would respond within 24 hours. Two days later, still no response, but much to my surprise, I just tried again and itunes let me turn match back on, so perhaps express lane support system is the way to go.
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    any fix to this. mine says i have to wait 90 days, because only one id can be authorized for itunes match ugh
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    I'm seeing this now just as well... I had wiped my mac clean restored data using the data migration assistant, and all seemed well, I finally upgraded to iTunes 11 and *poof* I cannot log into music match because only one appleid can be used on a computer for 90 days? wth?

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