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    Okay, so this morning I was syncing some podcasts to my phone, and I noticed I was over my space limit (due to some apps I had downloaded directly to my phone).

    So now that I've got Match running, the music tab doesn't really let you manage the space allocated to music on your device. All the playlists are checked off, so you can download music into the playlist at any time, but it's a bit of a ham-fisted way to to manage the system.

    Right now, I have almost exactly 8GB of music on the phone. Deleting songs is easy enough, but I actually used to rely on a bunch of my smart playlists to move the songs on and off my phone. I don't want to be out of the house and trying to sync songs down to my phone constantly; sounds like a good way to burn through my data cap.

    Interestingly, after playing with my phone for a bit and deleting a few apps that I was unlikely to use any time soon, I was a little bit back under my limit if you look at the 'free space' gap on the bar, but the 'free space' numerical indication claimed I had 8.8GB free.

    Anyway, anyone got any tips? Do things change if I plug my phone into my Mac (which it just occurs to me now that I didn't; I hardly ever anymore with the OTA syncing)?
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    Managing Space on iOS devices after iTunes Match

    I've got the same issue. I'm wondering if there's a setting that exists (or will exists after an update) that will allow you to set the amount of free space you want iTunes to maintain on your device while still letting you use iTunes Match?

    I'm hoping Apple's iTunes Match algorithm will eventually start auto-deleting some of my less-listened-to tracks, but I'd like to have the power to manage this manually as well.

    I wonder... what happens if you restore your iPhone and set it up as a new device with iTunes Match turned on? Will it sync no tracks to your iPhone and then only use iTunes match to get tracks?

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    Hrm. Well, that's good info, but hardly ideal. I purposely have songs on my primary smart playlist that haven't been played in a long time so I can revisit old music that I may have forgotten. (Additionally, I keep some songs from playing more than I'd like; not all my music is stuff I want to hear every day.)

    I can think of a few ways they could make this better (guaranteeing certain playlists update during the OTA sync if there's space, for instance), but I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on my library for a while.

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