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    Hi - I am planning on getting a new laptop. One of big concerns I have is getting my itunes music library onto the new library. I have my music saved in many different places on my current laptop and I only wanted specific songs etc from albums saved on my current laptop to be on my itunes library, so each time I thought of a song I added it by adding file and then hunting for it on my laptop.
    To cut a long query short (!) I plan to get a new laptop. If I do itunes match now, my current itunes library will be saved to the cloud. If I then install itunes on my new laptop and sign in with my apple Id, can i download my library to the new laptop from the cloud? If so, can I continue to add to it as normal? Most importantly, can I just forget about all the different places muci is saved on my current laptop?
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    Yes it will match and upload your current library to the cloud. You can then download your library to the new laptop. I just finished uploading mine yesterday. I'm now downloading the whole lot again (with upgraded iTunes matched music) to my iTunes server.

    It automatically syncs new music you add on iTunes cloud-enabled computers or devices. It also syncs your playlists and meta changes.

    I'm loving it.

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