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    I have a large library of music (about 1300 songs) that I have collected over the years via CD nab other means. I want to get iTunes Match but I want to be sure of a few things.

    1. I want to keep a separate copy of my own music - should I just copy all the iTunes Media->Music to an external drive?

    2. After iTunes Match is finished matching my music is it kept in the cloud?

    3. Can I download from the cloud to my library those songs that have a better bit-rate and keep them even after I stop the service?

    I am very anxious because some of my music is not replaceable.

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    1300 songs is only ~6GB at, say, 5MB per song. Why not go buy a couple of 16GB USB flash drives (they're very cheap!) and make some backups if you're worried about losing your music!

    I think I have around 22,000 songs in my library, and I know a lot of people have more than that - it's gets a little tricker then, sometimes... ;)

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