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    I bought iTunes Match long before I activated Apple Music. However, I've found myself barely using the matching feature anymore, so I decided to not renew my yearly subscription. I received an email today to that effect, but now I'm a bit confused.

    I have the iCloud Music Library turned on, and I have Apple Music as well. If I continue paying for Apple Music, doesn't that allow me to play my entire library - purchased, matched, uploaded, Apple Music, regular old mp3s and AACs - on all my devices? I've never had just Apple Music before, so I just want to make sure that nothing will actually go away from my overall access in any and all devices I'm signed on to.

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    Make sure you have downloaded a copy of all the music you own and MOST important make sure you have a backup copy of all the music you own. Then you will be safe and everything will work the same.
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    As stated, make sure you have a back up. iCloud Music Library is NOT a backup source. With that taken care of you, you should be fine. I've been told that the Matching is different between iTM and Apple Music, but not sure if that's been confirmed. Unless one needs to be able to download their tracks DRM-free on other computers, there is very little need to have iTM if you also have AM.
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    I always initially thought when u matched a song, it matched it to the current store your viewing, but i guess not..

    Because i could never find the album that actually got matched *in * the U.S store i was viewing... Then i realized it wasan't matching it to the current store... although that was the one i was "viewing"

    The matches are done globally.
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