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Jun 3, 2013
hey guys

today i decided to subscribe to itunes match. itunes checked my files, everything seems to work fine.

one track of my good old self-ripped (from original cd) rage against the machine (battle of LA) album is jumping all time after 2 Mins of listening. i know this for a long time, but i thought itunes match would download the original song from the itunes store without jumping sounds. but now i realized that it is indeed 256bit but the jumping after 2 mins of listening still appears. like on my good old 128bit mp3.

wtf is this? am i not able to download the full song from itunes? this is really annoying. it seems like itunes just uploaded my old mp3 files (though it DID recognize them!) and just scaled it up to 256bit?

seems like itunes just checks the lenght of the track, and if it matches with database of itunes, it just will upload the "old" track??? but then the 256bit is just UPSCALED. Ripp off??

or what is going on?

edit: same on my iphone (with activated itunes match and streaming the song) WTF?


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Aug 10, 2008
Those songs were probably just uploaded as is and not matched. If the song was matched, you should be able to do this, and I have. I am willing to bet that album didn't match and this wi why when you download that song it still skips.


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Dec 7, 2002
New Zealand
Does Match transcode uploaded files to 256 kb/s AAC? I'm as confused as the OP; It doesn't make sense for the new file to be double the bitrate but still be a bad rip :confused:

I no longer have a Match subscription but I'm 90% sure that "unmatched" files came down at the same bitrate as the originals.

To the OP: If you turn on the iCloud Status column in your library, does it show as Matched or Uploaded?
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