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    So iTunes Match won't upload tracks for albums in which there are duplicates. This is a problem for someone who has the Complete Led Zeppelin and then each individual album. Each album is now missing half of the tracks because they are available on the Complete Led Zeppelin.

    I tried making playlists and adding songs for each album but then it tells me the playlist won't be added to iTunes match.

    Any work around for this? When I first tried iTunes Match in October, this was not a problem. Obviously I don't want to delete albums just to get rid of duplicates. I want the individual albums in iTunes match.
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    iTunes has been notorious in its duplicate-track identification methods beginning from the "Display Duplicates" function to the latest iTunes Match. So much indeed that I have been relying on third party tools to remove iTunes duplicates for some time now.

    It appears that iTunes Match would keep both track files in your library (even if it wrongly identifies them as duplicates). All you need to do is click on the Keep Duplicate button.


    Also, don't the "Complete Led Zeppelin" tracks on the iCloud which are missing from your other albums appear to feature album covers and metadata for all the albums the tracks are coming from? This is an interesting article about iTunes Match and its features (have a look at the section where it mentions duplicates).

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