iTunes Match file meta data (play count).

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  1. tann, Dec 19, 2011
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    I've looked through a few posts and haven't come across anyone asking this. Basically my understanding of match is that you no longer plug your iphone/ios device into your computer to sync songs over?

    So what happens to the file meta data (specifically play count)? Since yesterday I've listened to Coldplay's 'Paradise' countless times (15+) on my phone and yesterday I took note that it had 21 plays in my iTunes library, today I plugged my phone into my mac to sync it (apps etc) and checked the play count, still 21. I deleted and re-downloaded it from the cloud and it still says 21.

    What I'm asking is does iTunes not sync the play counts (as well as other information) across all of the devices that you have match on? I really liked being able to scrobble (to the songs I had listened to!

    Also, my next question is this. To get the higher quality (256kbps) versions of matched songs on my iPhone do I need to delete the music from my iPhone and redownload it then? Kinda seems like a pain when I have already started to delete & redownload higher quality songs on my computer!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Same here! I've disabled iTunes Match on my iPad and iPod for this exact reason... I want my to be up to date. I have wifi sync enabled on them both, but I plug them in every few days to scrobble.

    As far as I can tell, you have to delete the songs on your iDevice then re-download them to get the 256 kbps versions. What I did was upgrade all my songs on my iTunes Library first, then did a one off sync using the old fashioned iPod cable to get all the high quality songs.
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    Search must be broken.:D Here and Here are a couple.;)
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    Yeah I think I might just turn it off for the time being as well then. I'm sure they'll bring it on the next update though, bit silly if they didn't!

    And thanks for the tip on the second thing!! I suppose I'll just have to re-sync my tunes with the cable, would take a loooong time to redownload them all to my phone again! Thanks for the reply :).

    aha, I admit I didn't search, I just looked through the first two pages at the titles and saw none of them (at the time) seemed to point to this.

    I found threads about the first question but not really anything solid about the second! Maybe I will try a search :p Thanks!

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