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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Tech198, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Hearing how iTunes Match should be doing :"fingerprint" matching as it tries to match songs, I believe the failure of Match and "Matched" songs/album is not because its not actually matching behind the scenes, it probably is, But due to the fact it doesn't change any meta that in accordingly, flags it as "Unknown"

    Thus, being false... overall..

    What should really happen is Match should also update the meta data too.

    I have about half of my music unknown and uploaded, when they are in the ITS. This makes me believe that even though people reckon iTunes Match scans and matches like every other, the fact it doens't update the meta-data (to match the song) changes everything.

    Thus, people probably have better luck with offline software..

    Is this a better idea ? I don't mind downloading all my songs IF i know that software will work 90% of the time.. It would have to be automatic, but do a better job than iTunes Match.

    Has anyone used this -?
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    I disagree that iTunes Match should update metadata. I'm very picky about the way that songs are named and I don't want Apple deciding that for me. As far as matching, I'd guess that my music matches 95%+ of the time. Sure, it can be finicky. Sometimes, just converting from mp3 to aac will result in a match for non-matched music.

    I haven't tried SongGenie but it only has 2 1/2 stars on MacUpdate. Have you tried MusicBrainz Picard? I tag my music using Picard, then use MP3Tag (Windows only) in a Parallels VM for tag editing and sorting. I've been using MP3Tag for years and no Mac tag editor comes close to it.
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    Yes it is curious that iTunesMatch can identify songs but doesn't update the metadata but that is how it works. Two possible reason they made this decisions are:

    1. Fingerprinting cannot always uniquely identify a song, two completely different songs can get end up with the same fingerprint because fingerprinting measures various acoustic features of a song and very different songs can have these same features.

    2. Acoustid fingerprinting helps with identifying a song, but it doesnt help much with identifying the album that the songs is on, because the exact same song can be found on multiple albums these days.

    So yes you cant use iTunes Match to fix your metadata, you might find these stats for an alternative acoustic fingerprinting system clarifies things

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