iTunes Match for large libraries (70k songs)

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    I have 70,000 songs in iTunes. I'd love to have them all available at all times on any device.

    I've heard horror stories of peoples libraries getting completely ****ed and how the service doesn't work.

    I have a ton of obscure stuff, most of it wont be in iTunes.

    How is match for large libraries at this point -- still broken or is it usable?
  2. rigormortis, May 3, 2016
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    i thought the new limit to itunes match is 100,000 songs.

    don't worry about it. just go ahead and upload your entire music library to itunes match. set it and forget it.

    as long as you keep your entire music library intact on one computer , you have nothing to worry about

    whatever is not in the store will be uploaded. however some stuff will be ineligible.

    A song might be ineligible if it wasn't purchased from the iTunes Store or was purchased using a different Apple ID, or if the song file is larger than 200 MB, is longer than two hours, or was encoded at 96 Kbps or less.

    ' not purchased from the iTunes store ' means a purchased song from another company, like i dunno , Tidal

    i have a lot of mystery theater cds that aren't uploaded.

    down sides
    iPhones won't be able to sync from iTunes with match on, if you want the music to be on your iPhone it must be streamed or downloaded from the cloud.
    the matched songs that are incorrect or different versions will only affect the other macs and iOS devices that you are not using to store the music permanently.

    now once you start deleting your music library and exchanging it for iTunes matched copies, then you might get the wrong song back. like the live version would be matched by the studio version.

    if you have a lot of purchased music that is not ' iTunes plus files ' that have apple DRM in them, matching these would give you iTunes plus files that have no limits and have no DRM

    once the music has no DRM , any computer running iTunes no longer needs to be authorized, signed onto apple, logged onto apple in anyway. iTunes store only allows 10 devices ( of which 5 is the computer limit ) matching your iTunes library and getting iTunes store copies , you could have 100 computers running iTunes and apple would not care.

    just don't give out your music, because it has you email address in it
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    keep one itunes library intact. don't erase any songs. backup those songs on time machine. and all your worries about incorrect matches and stuff not appearing will only affect the other devices.
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    another crucial difference you need to know is the difference between itunes match and apple music.

    if you trade in songs for ' matched copies ' with tunes match and then cancel. you get to keep your music

    if you get songs from apple music , and then cancel. you lose whatever songs you got from apple music.
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    I think the limit has been raised to 100,000 by now.

    I recently let my iTunes Match subscription expire (because it p***ed me off that Apple unilaterally disabled the Radio service that used to be included in the price and made it exclusive to Apple Music), but the matching function has always been reliable for me. It was mainly subscribing to Apple Music that screwed many people's libraries up. But I'd recommend to keep a backup of you entire music library anyway. Portable USB drives with hundreds of gigabytes capacity are cheap these days.
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    Mar 15, 2006
    word, thanks for the thoughts guys.

    i heard something about needing to subscribe to both apple music + itunes match otherwise you're itunes library will get all DRM'd and all the files will be replaced with Apple's.. is this true?
  5. Rigby macrumors 601

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    If you use only Apple Music, your own music files that have been matched will have DRM if you download them on another device (or delete the original and redownload it). If you use only iTunes Match, or both iTunes Match and Apple Music, matched files download without DRM. That's at least the theory. There have been reports that files sometimes get erroneously downloaded with DRM if you have both. If you only have iTunes Match, this does not happen. And in no case should your files be replaced on their own without you actively deleting/redownloading them. Also see here:

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