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    So I just recently got an imac...I migrated all files from my old mac. I then bought match and authorized all music to go to my iphone....couple of questions...why is it that some of the files off of CD's that I have had are completey missing off of my iphone?..for example I own a complete album but only have 5 songs. In addition why is that several songs are on my iphone but certain ones are grey and cannot be played?
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    Some songs are not elegible to be uploaded to itunes match, as of why, I dont know, also could be that the itunes store cannot identify certain songs you own, so they upload the whole file to your match account, this as in google music, takes some time.

    On the matter of ineligible songs, well, I only have one out of my entire collection, tough I used to have 25 or 30, they fixed themselves up with new itunes match scans
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