iTunes Match issue - anyone else?

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    Mar 29, 2013
    The promise of iTunes Match is that your music gets stored on the iCloud. Sounds OK. You pay about $25 a year, which, again seems OK. However, something seems very wrong with the service. When you subscribe, Apple looks at all your music. If a song is currently available in the iTunes Store, it pulls the song from there to put it in your iCloud storage. Again, OK w/ me. If a song is not located in the Store, they claim that they upload the song from your iTunes library and put it in the cloud. The songs that are not in the store are generally ones in your collection that came from your personal CDs which you loaded into iTunes. So, I went through the whole process. All the matched songs moved from the Store to my Cloud. However, virtually every song that didn't match became disabled - unplayable. Next to each of those songs is a cloud icon with an "!" inside and the scroll-over text reads something like "upload error." I even tried putting the CDs into my machine and uploading them to my iTunes library again. Not one of them was "accepted" into the elite world of the iCloud and while each song is listed in my iTunes Library, it is unplayable. I am doing this with a Windows PC and also accessing these songs on two separate iPads. The "bad" songs are listed on each device, but won't play from any. Can anyone help?
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