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    Hi all..

    I know iTunes Match "matches" songs/tracks already on the store with the ones u already have, as long as the song/track is complete/not corrupted, and wherever they may have come from from various sources, but why does iTunes Match tag with with an album cover regardless ?

    aka if you have one song from an album which it's matched, its still got an album cover associated with it to your Apple ID, even thought its not a complete album..

    Secondly, is there a way, other than to manually search and or compare in the Store, that is any given song is matched to an album/single, iTunes would show you which ones are missing for that album/single that u don't have ?

    This would allow you to source these more easily.

    Similar to how "Complete my Season" works for TV shows, is there something like this for music, or at the very least the tracks you don't have ?

    Since the album/single is already in the store, then it wouldn't be no problem listing these as well. so the user could clearly see.
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    Why wouldn't the album cover automatically be assigned? It is a track from that album.

    If you're referring to Complete My Album. Then it works for tracks that you have purchased from the iTunes store, in exactly the same way as it does in Complete My Season does. Neither will work with anything you have ripped or matched. That could be something Apple consider in the future, although there is a lot in iTunes I'd like them to fix first!)

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    ok thanks, so when matching songs can u say have a library stripped off all meta data (aka use mp3tag or other to wipe all meta data, except for file name) , and iTunes Match will try and identify all songs based on the DNA is uses? or must you use programs first and/or manually enter correct meta-data in order for itunes match to be useful at all in its findings ?

    Alternativly, or in addition maybie use Tuneup or something,, however i'm still guessing nothing beats manual entry right ? Therefore, if u have no idea of a song, then its going to be hard...... Maybe use Shazam to idnetify, but even that ii guess if you don't know a song, then it doesn't matter what u do.

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