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  1. photogpab macrumors 6502


    Jun 21, 2010
    I'm sure this has been posted and discussed at length... i finally activated match and out of 23,000 songs iTunes managed to "match" about 21,000. Uploaded about 2,000... not bad at all.

    question tho, several albums show "match" with the exception of 1 track! there is one album that is frustrating in particular as they are old mp3s i ripped a long time ago at 128kbps and i'd love to be able to "upgrade" the album to 256kbps.

    but my favorite song on the CD was the only one not matched even tho the rest of the album was!

    anyone figuring out why things like this happen? bizarre to me
  2. Bhnc macrumors newbie

    Jul 4, 2011
    Happening to me-- I would prefer if entire albums matched or didn't match, would be easier to deal with.

    I had 1 case where the duration was really far off, and my encoder must've really screwed it up and I guess I never listened to it in 10 years! When I fixed the file it matched fine.

    I have no idea why the others won't match. When I delete/re-add, it seems to do it so fast that I wonder if it's caching some data. I'm debating to just live with it, and hope apple figures this out, or fiddle with each album (rename, retag, etc.) to get a match (I did that once and it worked, but I'm not doing that for each one).

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