iTunes Match not matching artwork (fix)

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  1. James Godfrey, Nov 1, 2012
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    James Godfrey macrumors regular

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    Hi all,

    Just thought I would post this for those of you that have albums in iTunes match that either have incorrect artwork or no artwork at all.

    *This does not work for albums which have music videos within them purchased from iTunes (seems as though for the majority of these types of albums it uses a video screenshot for the artwork - dont know why).

    PLEASE NOTE: All of my tracks that I did this for i previously uploaded to iTunes match, deleted from my iTunes library, and re-downloaded from iTunes Match back to my library. These steps are done at your own risk and any loss of tracks will be your responsibility.

    These are the steps I took to match up the artwork in iTunes Match...

    1. Firstly on apple TV or your iOS device figure out which albums are missing or have incorrect artwork etc (remember to go into the song list to as sometimes the artwork doesn't appear at the top of the song list meaning some of the tracks are missing artwork but not all). - MAKE A NOTE OF THESE TO MAKE THINGS EASIER... TURN OFF ITUNES MATCH ON EACH OF THESE DEVICES (NOT YOUR MAC OR PC AT THIS POINT)

    2. Next, for each of those albums go to 'Get info' on one track of the album and save the album art to a file on your pc or mac, by dragging and dropping, if its a .png file convert it to a .jpg file and change size on them all to 600x600 pixels with 72 pixels/inch.

    3. Next, with iTunes match on remove all those albums from your library and remember to also check the remove from iCloud checkbox (do not do this whilst the cloud icon next to music in your library has the lines going through it), move them to your trash.

    4. Once removed update iTunes match and check that the number of songs in iTunes match corresponds with the number of songs currently in your library.

    5. Next, turn off iTunes match completely and move the removed files from your trash into a folder on your desktop, once this is done move all those tracks from there back into your iTunes library.

    6. Now from all those albums, remove the album artwork completely by going to 'Get Info' then checking the checkbox next to artwork (if it doesn't sift through the tracks then do it again just to be sure the artwork is completely removed).

    7. Now for each of the albums go to 'Get info' and add the artwork to each one (if it doesn't sift through the tracks then do it again just to be sure the artwork has been put on each track).

    8. Once you have added the artwork to each of them, turn on itunes match and allow it to re-upload the tracks (if any of them duplicate, just right click and click add to iCloud)

    9. Thats it! Simply turn on iTunes match on your devices give it ten minutes to update then check your tracks on the devices and fingers crossed it will all match up perfectly.

    Hope this works for you like it did me, tried to explain this as best i could any problems just comment and I will try and help you.

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    I have the artwork issue with my iTunes Match, but that seems like a lot of steps.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    Alternate fix

    Hello, I discovered that this works perfectly....

    1) Identify songs or albums with missing artwork.
    2) If iTunes has the correct artwork, get info on the song with the correct artwork. If not download correct artwork from iTunes or other source.
    3) Click on the artwork image attached to the song and drag it to the desktop.
    4) Click add, select the artwork file on the desktop, and click ok.
    4a) If you need to add the artwork to an album get info on the album and add the artwork to all the songs at once.
    5) Continue for all your required songs... If none other then you are done.

    Sometimes I have noticed the updated artwork updates within a few seconds on my iPhone 5 without any further attention. If the artwork does not update within a few minutes do the following to help it out.

    1) Update iTunes Match.
    2) Close out and reopen the music app on your iOS devise.
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    I think you just simply have to disable the "auto download artwork" from the itunes settings...

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