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    Im slightly confused by iTunes match being cloud based? I quite like the idea of having everything in the cloud from my itunes account.

    How ever when i play a track from icloud it downloads it to the device while its playing, all fair and well. But then that track stays there? (as if i put it on the device)

    is that right, i thought the whole idea of iTunes Match was you could play your tracks via streaming from the cloud??

    or am i just being stupid?

    << update >>

    i believe this has answer my question. But if anyone else could explain it in noob.
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    You can stream to a mac or pc, but not to iOS devices. Having said that, the song does play while downloading so it's a sort of semi-stream :)
    I don't know why apple designed it like this, but I suspect it's to do with minimising network bandwidth
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    got ya! it is a little odd? Maybe it will change over time. I mainly bought Match to bring my whole library to work to keep me sane! :D

    i guess like previous post suggested it will eventually deleted unused tracks. Strange system, but hey its cheaper than spotify (and in my opinion better, because you have your own music with you)

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