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    I have a really complicated problem with my iTunes match that hopefully someone will understand and know how to help. I have iTunes Match on my macbook, iPhone and iPad. I recently done a complete system restore and updated to mountain lion (which i think isnt the problem) and restored all my music back via time machine. Now, when I go into my iTunes match it tells me that my computer already has an user linked to it and I have to wait 90 days for something. So I've signed into my account and nothing, tried to deactivate and reactivate the authenticity of my account to iTunes match but nothing, I went into my managed devices and the two device linked to my Match is my iPhone and iPad.

    So I cant upload any new music or anything via my mac but I think I can with my iPhone or iPad if I purchase anything.

    Any help on getting round this would be super greatly appreciated
  2. D.C.M. macrumors newbie

    Aug 4, 2012
    Sounds not really good. Sorry I have no idea at the moment, but it could be that some log-files cause trouble with iTunes Match. I would call Apple's iTunes Support and explain the issue. I am sure that they can reset your iTunes Match account and disconnect all your devices from the service for a fresh start.
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    I've got a similar problem that has only appeared since ML.

    Loaded ML on to MBPR and setup main account with id and match working all fine.

    setup new user (with different iTunes/icloud id)

    logged back into original account and match has stopped working saying that the machine is associated with another id.

    it almost seems to think its a device like an iPad/iphone where only one id can be associated per device completely ignoring the different users.

    Am I missing something? is this a ML bug?

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