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    Aug 3, 2009
    Hey guys,

    had a quick question regarding itunes match. so i use a imac to store all my music but i usually only use my air on daily basis. So after i scanned my imac library, i enabled itunes match on my air. I saw my whole collection pop up on my air and it allowed me to download if i needed. my question is, how do i know if the downloaded copy is my actually 256 rip or if its itunes 256 rip? Also, there are some tracks that seemed to be uploaded in VBR. Are those MY actual tracks uploaded or itunes?

    lastly, there are a couple 192 rips scattered in there. again, is that cause itunes couldnt find a copy on their servers so they uploaded mine?

    for example. on icloud, 50 cent's "get rich or die tryin" has bitrates of 256 but there are also a couple of 192, 160, and 128.

    LAST QUESTION. if i upload flacs, does itunes match downgrade those to 256 regardless of if they have it or not? just asking cause it downgraded all my korean music and im pretty sure itunes doesn't have them for sale in the itunes store lol.
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    Aug 4, 2011
    1. That's not a quick question, it's a shotgunning a bunch of questions.

    2. Why does it matter if it's an iTunes 256AAC or your 256 rip?
    You could check file type if you do your rips in 256MP3, but even then, 256AAC is better then 256MP3 and thus an upgrade.

    3. iTunes doesn't do VBR, so they are yours.

    4. Yes 192 files would be unmatched but uploaded files from your iMac.

    5. Why don't you just go to your iMac, and check the iCloud Status of each track and see if it's 'matched' or 'uploaded' ???

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