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    Jul 11, 2008
    so i use my ipod touch on itunes as manually manage music. i decided to subscribe to itunes match. i turned it on let it sync and then i redownloaded some songs as 256. my question is. if i turn off itunes match and then copy a song from itunes to my ipod itwill copy the version i have on my hd. the only way it will copy a version i have on icloud is if i redownload the songs using i cloud and get the 256 upgrade version. is this correct?

    for the most part i upgrade some of my musis but not all to 256 cause i dont have room on my ipod touch for it all.

    but anyway basic question is only if i redownload the song from icloud in its new itunes plus version that is only time it will replace the song on my hd.
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    Jul 11, 2008
    i just figured out that unless i hit delete on the song and make sure it doesn't delete it from i cloud. if i then download from i cloud it replaces my old file on my hd with the new 256kbps file. so it won't just replace files on my hd unless i delete it and redownload

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