iTunes Match: real mess when switching accounts?


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Jun 15, 2006

I'm finding that iTunes match is a real pain in the ass when it comes to handling multiple iTunes store IDs.

I have my itunes authorised with several store IDs:

- My partner's
- My spanish ID
- My US id
- My UK id

I've lived in the US, Spain and now the UK, so out of all apps I own, some come from the US account, most from the spanish account and the most recent from the UK account - since I now live in England.

When there are app updates, it's a pain to switch between accounts, but it's ok. Now apple has made this sooo much more annoying.

I subscribed to iTunes match using my UK account.

NOW, when I switch accounts on itunes so I can download updates from my other accounts, iTunes match turns itself off. When I log into my UK account back, I have to manually turn iTunes match on, select "Add new computer" and wait for iTunes match to finish.

When I switch accounts on my iphone, itunes match also turns itself off, and when I get my UK account back, I need to manually turn Match back on, then it deletes the local library and downloads the itunes match library all over again. In this case it's much WORSE because it not only deletes the library file, but the cached music, so you start all over again with NO music.

This is a real pain and annoyance.
the Itunes Match account should be independent, just like in the iphone. You can have different apple ID's for imessage, facetime, icloud countacts, find my iphone, and itunes store.. and they are all independent from each other.


Home sharing is also independent form the iTunes Store account used.
Itunes Match should be an independent service within iTunes or iPhone/Pod/Pad that needs to be enabled independently of the store ID.


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Apr 3, 2010
I am also having this problem on my iPhone. Its such a pain. Apple should give an option to stay signed in to one account in the match settings while being signed into a different account for the app store.

Edit: didn't see the last part of your post. totally agree.


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Jun 15, 2006
I sent some feedback to Apple.
I mean, fair enough that you need to re-enable Match in iTunes, it takes like 10 seconds. But on the iPhone it means ALL songs are deleted and after re-enabling you're left with a match library but no songs on the device itself.


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Jan 26, 2006
Whitehouse, OH
Thanks for posting your experience. My wife will occasionally login to her iTunes account on our iMac, and I suspected this was causing iTunes to "forget" the computer from my iTunes Match (linked to my personal iTunes account).

I'll send Apple some feedback on this as well... it would be nice if they made this work similar to home sharing where one account can stay logged in at all times.
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Jan 21, 2010
I am also having trouble with iTunes Match when switching accounts on my iPhone. Afterwards all the music is deleted and I have to download it again. This is compounded by the issue that the iPhone will download music from iTunes Match over cellular data if there isn't a wifi connection available (even though I have set cellular data to off in settings).

It seems that it's not possible to update some apps without switching accounts - this is such a pain I'm considering not renewing iTunes Match when it expires next month.