iTunes Match Speed Discrepancy

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    Has anyone noticed a discrepancy in speeds (particularly when downloading to an iOS device) between songs that were matched and those that were uploaded? If so, is that normal?

    Today, I had an album where one song matched and the rest were uploaded manually via iTunes Match. Later when selecting "Download All" on my iPhone for the album, the first track (which was matched corrected) downloaded after 15-20 seconds (normal). The next song wasn't even halfway finished after 30 minutes. I've checked my connection speed, and it appears to be just fine. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

    iTunes Match is definitely running slower than usual tonight. I decided to delete then redownload two songs on iTunes on my Mac (instead of iPhone) as a test: one that was matched, the other uploaded. The matched song finished downloading in less than ten seconds. The other (uploaded):


    Obviously both items (matched and unmatched) are stored in separate servers, which isn't too surprising. What's surprising is the difference in the amount of time it takes to get the two. Maybe this is an isolated incident, considering iTunes Match is running slower than usual right now. However, I'm finding that my experience with the service seems to get worse, not better with time.
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    makes sense to iTunes Match a couple days ago and it really didn't bother me..

    Matched songs are probably coming from the iTunes Store, no? Obviously that one's going to be faster..

    27 minutes is a bit extreme though, for me it was about ~2 minutes

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