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    I hook my 4S up to my car stereo via USB. Before plugging it in, I have to chose the playlist I want to play because once I plug it in, I can't control what plays via my phone. Every so often, when I plug it in... it will default to some random song playlist and it will always start with the same song and play in the same order. If I unplug it and set the playlist again and plug it back in, all is well.

    I setup iTunes Match the other day and now I'm having all kinds of problems. First, no matter what I do on my phone... when I plug it into the car, it always plays the same random playlist starting with the same song and in the same order. If I unplug it or turn the car off and then play again... it reverts back to that first song.

    Not only that but often when I plug it in, my car will say there is no music on the device.

    I realize I could go with an AUX cable but I don't understand why USB has this issue... and I don't understand why iTunes Match isn't working well for me.

    Any suggestions?
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    I guess I am going to cancel iTunes Match. It has caused me nothing but trouble since activating it.

    So I turned off iTunes Match on my 4S so that I can sync my music locally back onto my phone. Now when I add music on iTunes to a playlist, it gives me this message asking me to unlink the playlist from iCloud... I click yes.. but the message keeps popping up anyway. Very annoying.

    And then just now, all of my playlists disappeared. I spent a really long time building them and now I have to redo it?
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    What are you driving? I can pick and choose songs and playlists through my car stereo. I drive a GMC Terrain, and can pick songs by pressing the menu button on the stereo and then turning the dial to scroll through the list, sort of like the old click wheel on an ipod.

    However, every time I hook up my iPhone, it instantly starts playing Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Seems random, but it’s actually the first song on my all songs list when sorted alphabetically.

    If I start a playlist and then plug it into my car, it will play whatever is playing.

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