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    Just thought I'd post this due to some confusion I've noticed in some other threads. Just because itunes match says it's uploading an absurd number of songs, doesn't mean it didn't match. What I noticed when watching the uploads is that most of the 10000+ items it said it was uploading in my account was actually just artwork, so it uploaded really fast. It tells you at the top what it's uploading. What seems to happen is itunes matches a song off a different album, but keeps your artwork. So really, it only didn't match a few hundred of my songs. Hope this helps some people.

    Also, a new feature I discovered is one people have been hoping for. You can now delete unwanted songs from Match. What you need to do is on the original computer delete the file. You have a dowloadable track left. Delete again (the downloadable track) and you will get a warning that you are about to delete the track from all devices that use Match. If you click OK the track is gone for good. basically delete twice and it's gone from match. Neat.
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    Awesome, that makes a lot of sense, it seemed to upload the 5000 tracks it said it was rather quickly, I wasn't sure how that was possible.

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