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    I just noticed after doing some iTunes Match downloads that the uploaded tracks carry a 256kbps VBR designation rather than the simple 256kbps designation. I am one of these OCD guys that prefers to have everything uniform. Anyway to change that?

    I can and probably will have to just uncheck the Bit Rate selection under GET INFO but would think it would be cool to have everything uniform under 256kbps instead of 256kbps VBR.

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    The uploaded files are simply in a different format as the Matched ones. If you are really OCD about this, you could decide on one format (which would have to be 256kps AAC since that's all you get with iTM) and then re-transcode ALL your uploaded files to that same format and delete / re-upload. Then they would at least all be the same.

    A heck of a lot of work and, if your files are lossy to start with, a very bad idea as you'll lose data. You might have to go back to your CD's and re-rip them, if that was your original source. But if the source was an Amazon MP3 or "other" lossy, then you will lose data by doing this.

    Good luck!

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