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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by me43, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. me43 macrumors member

    May 11, 2011
    How do you get iTunes match to recognize more songs. I have about 3000 and 2000 matched with the songs on iTunes but the other 1000 had to be uploaded. I know that many of the songs that were uploaded are in iTunes. Why won't it recognize these?
  2. Ccrew macrumors 68020

    Feb 28, 2011
    Depends on the song length, the encoding bit rate, and an audio signature. Also helps if they are tagged well. (Tagalicious works alright for that)

    More often than not it's encoding or the song length varies from what they see as a "match"

    I have songs from the same album that were direct iTunes imports that it wouldn't match 2-3 songs off the album, so it looks like there's some magic involved.

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